Angular interview questions with answers

Knowing Angular and still not able to crack interviews , then you are at the right place. :-)

This course focuses on revising most asked interview questions around Angular. Interview is all about expressing your answers in a precise and proper way. You can have tons of knowledge , you must have done tons of coding but cracking interview is a different ball game.

This course is revision course where i have focused on what kind of questions are asked and how to answer them in a elaborate way. Please note this course does not teach Angular , if you want to learn Angular please check my Learn Angular step by step video series having online access validity of 8 months along with download facility.

Below are the questions covered in this course, Happy learning , Happy job hunting

Question no: 1 :- Whats the use of Angular ?
Question no: 2 :- What are directives in Angular ?
Question no: 3 :- Explain the different types of Angular directives ?
Question no: 4 :- Explain the importance of NPM and Node_Modules folder ?
Question no: 5 :- Explain the importance of Package.json file in Angular ?
Question no: 6 :- What is typescript and why do we need it ?
Question no: 7 :- Explain importance of Angular CLI ?
Question no: 8 :- Explain the importance of Component and Modules ?
Question no: 9 :- What is a decorator in Angular ?
Question no: 10 :- What are Annotation or MetaData ?
Question no: 11 :- What is a template ?
Question no: 12 :- Explain the four types of Data bindings in Angular ?
Question no: 13 :- Explain architecture of Angular ?
Question no: 14 :- What is SPA in Angular ?
Question no: 15 :- How to implement SPA in Angular ?
Question no: 16 :- How to implement routing in Angular ?
Question no: 17 :- Explain Lazy Loading ?
Question no: 18 :- How to implement Lazy Loading in Angular ?
Question no: 19 :- Define Services ?
Question no: 20 :- What is Dependency Injection ?
Question no: 21 :- How to implement Dependency Injection ?
Question no: 23 :- Whats the benefit of Dependency Injection ?
Question no: 24 :- Differentiate between ng serve and ng build ?
Question no: 25 :- Explain the --prod parameter in ng build ?
Question no: 26 :- Explain ViewChild and ViewChildren ?
Question no: 27 :- Why do we need Template reference variables ?
Question no: 28 :- What is ContentProjection ?
Question no: 29 :- Explain Content projection Slot ?
Question no: 30 :- What is ContentChild and ContentChildren?
Question no: 31 :- ViewChild vs ViewChildren vs ContentChild vs ContentChildren ?
Question no: 32 :- Explain the importance of Component life cycle ?
Question no: 33 :- Explain events and sequence of component life cycle ?
Question no: 34 :- constructor vs ngOnInit() ?
Question no: 35 :- How to make HTTP calls using Angular ?
Question no: 36 :- What is the need of Subscribe function ?
Question no: 37 :- How to handle errors when HTTP fails ?
Question no: 38 :- How to pass data between components ?
Question no: 39 :- What are input , output and event emitters ?
Question no: 40 :- How to pass data during routing ?
Question no: 41 :- Is it a good practice to pass data using services ?
Question no: 42 :- What is the need of Angular Pipes ?
Question no: 43 :- Can you name some built-in Angular pipes ?
Question no: 44 :- How to create Custom pipes in Angular ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will students learn in your course?
How to answer basic questions around directives, CLI,Component , Modules, Decorator,Annotations, Types of Bindings and SPA. Tackling Advanced interview questions around routing,Lazy Loading, Services & Dependency Injection . To the point answers around ViewChild,ViewChildren,ContentChild , ContentChildren & Content projection. Giving crystal clear answers on constructor vs ngonInit() and Angular component life cycle. Simple lucid answers to Http calls, Routing , Pipes and Error handling questions. Different ways of passing data in Angular and how to answer the question with best practices.
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Javascript and Angular basics is needed. If you have not done Angular please check out my Angular step by step course on QuestPond.
Who are your target students?
Students who are looking to crack Angular Interviews. Students who know Angular but not able to crack Angular interviews. For last minute revision before going to Angular Interviews.