Learn Angular 2.X and 4.X Step by Step

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About QuestPond: It started 15 years back with the one single goal of creating quality step-by-step IT programming-related lessons.

We saw many lessons online, either they are done too fast or too slow or are too complicated.

The main goal of QuestPond is to create Step by Step lessons on C#, ASP.NET, Design patterns, SQL, and so on. As years moved on I added other step-by-step lessons like Angular, SharePoint, MSBI, Azure and so on.

This course teaches Angularjs version step by step, below are the topics covered :-

  1. $scope, $rootscope, controller, models, expression & debugging.
  2. Digest Cycle, watchers, One time, $watch and $apply.
  3. Services and Factory
  4. Using $http service with WebAPI as back end.
  5. Custom Directives, Restrict and Isolation Scope.
  6. Deferred and Promises.
  7. Angular Unit Testing using Jasmine.
  8. Implementing SPA using Angular Route and Angular UI Router.
  9. Emit, BroadCast and On Events.
  10. Filters in Angular.
  11. JQuery with AngularJS.
  12. Dot Rule and Controller AS Keyword.
  13. Angular Provider (Constant, Values, Provider, Service and Decorator).

This course teaches Angular 2/4 version step by step, below are the topics covered :-

  1. Modules,Components, ng-model & expressions (1 hr)
  2. How to open Angular 2 Source code
  3. 1-way/2-way binding, interpolations, template binding, event binding & cloning.
  4. @Input, @Output & Eventemitters.
  5. Angular Component Life Cycle.
  6. Providers, Services and Dependency Injection.
  7. SPA(Single Page Application) using Routing.
  8. Validation using Angular forms.
  9. Making HTTP POST calls to REST service (WebAPI) using Angular 2.
  10. Lazy loading using Angular 2.
  11. Use WebPack for Angular 2 application.
  12. Use VS Code Editor.
  13. Migration Angular 2.X to Angular 4.X.
  14. Auxiliary router outlet / Named router outlet.
  15. PathLocation & HashLocation Strategy.
  16. Using JQuery in Angular 2/4.
  17. Pipes in Angular 2/4.

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Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

What will students learn in your course?
1:- $scope, $rootscope, controller, models, expression , Digest cycle , watchers , $watch and $apply. 2:- services , factory , services vs factory , $http,Custom Directives, Restrict , Isolation Scope,deferred , promises 3:- SPA , Routing , Filters , unit testing with jasmine,Emit , broadcast,Angular Provider (Constant, Values, Provider, Service and Decorator).
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript
Who are your target students?
Students who want to learn AngularJS i.e. Angular 1.X and Angular 2/4