Learn C# Step by Step

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Learn C# Step by Step Course Syllabus:-

  • Lab 1 :- C# fundamentals, For loop, data types, Error handling, classes/objects, Methods and functions.
  • Lab 2 :- Synch, Asynch, Delegates, Multicast Delegates and Events.
  • Lab 3 :- Simple File Search Project.
  • Lab 4 :- Customer Project(2 layers and validations).
  • Lab 5 :- Inserting customer data using ADO.NET.
  • Lab 6 :- Display, Update and Delete.
  • Lab 7 :- Reusability and Configuration.
  • Using SQL script files.
  • Lab 8:- Implementing the Product master table.
  • Lab 9 :- Implementing Stored Procedures.
  • Lab 10 :- In-memory inserts and update.
  • Lab 11 :- In-memory Deletes & understanding Usability.

Do visit the link to get enrolled to the course - https://www.questpond.com/c-step-by-step-with-inte...

Frequently Asked Questions

What will students learn in your course?
This section goes through a basic "WinForm" project and runs through important fundamentals like how to use visual studio , .NET fundamentals like CLR , CTS , GC , Delegates , events and so on.
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Basic knowledge of C# and Visual studio
Who are your target students?
Beginners who want to learn Programming