Learn MVC core in 4 hours

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MVC core Step by Step in 4 hours.

Lession 1:- .NET core and .NET Standards.
  • What is .NET core?
  • Installation of .NET core SDK.
  • .NET framework VS.NET Core.
  • Dotnet CLI commands:- New,Restore,Build & Run
  • Creating .NET core console and MVC applications
  • Using visual studio to create .NET core applications
  • PCL and problems around PLC
  • Importance of Dotnet Standards

Lab 2: - MVC core basics (Startup.cs, Program.cs.appsettings.json & Kestrel).

  • Understanding MVC architecture.
  • Creating a MVC core project.
  • Need of Program.cs and startup.cs file.
  • Importance of appsettings.json file.
  • How to read configuration data?
  • Kestrel webserver and reverse proxy concept.
  • Configuration and Configuration Services.
  • Revising the full flow of MVC startup process.
Lab 3: -Request Pipelines nd Middleware.
  • Define context, request andresponse?
  • Explain terms request pipeline and middleware?
  • In MVC core where do we configure request pipeline?
  • What is the importance of "IApplicationBuilder"?
  • Explain "use", "map" and "run"?
  • How can you create middleware using classes?
  • Differentiate between "map" and "mapwhen"?
Lab 4:-Implementing basic Model,View and Controller.
  • Create Controllers and Views
  • Undestanding ActionResults in MVC.
  • What is Scaffolding?
  • MVC Core namspaces.
  • Layout, Routing and Razor pages.
Lab 5 :- Routing,Conventional,Attribute and Route Constraint
  • Explain the concept of routing?
  • What is the benefit of creating user friendly URL's?
  • How does default routing work?
  • How to implement traditional routes?
  • How to implement attribute based routing?
  • When should we use conventional routes VS attribute based?
  • Which gets first precedence attribute based or conventional based?
  • Explain route constraints?
  • Define route constraint which will takeonly numericvalues?
Lab 6:- Creating Models & strongly typed views.
  • How to create a Model?
  • What is a strongly typed view?
  • Explain the concept of model binder?
  • What does "Request.Form" do?
  • Does strongly typed view mean that view and model are coupled?
Lab 7 :- DI (Transient , Scoped , Singleton and Factory)
  • What is IOC and DI conceptually?
  • In Which file do we define MVC CORE DI objects?
  • Differentiate between Transient, Scoped, Singleton and Factory.
  • What is the syntax of DI in MVC core?
  • What is the use of ContextAccessor andhow do we get it?
Lab 8 :- Hosting MVC Core Application on IIS & Apache.
  • What is kestrel
  • Why do we need IIS or Apache when we have kestrel?
  • Explain reverse proxy architecture?
  • What is .NET Core windows hosting bundle?
  • What settings will you apply for IIS application pool?
  • How to run MVC Core using apache server?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will students learn in your course?
.NET core and .NET Standards. ---> MVC core basics(Startup.cs, Program.cs.appsettings.json & Kestrel). ---> Request Pipelines nd Middleware. ---> Implementing basic Model,View and Controller. ---> Routing,Conventional,Attribute and Route Constraint ---> Creating Models & strongly typed views ---> DI (Transient , Scoped , Singleton and Factory) ---> Hosting MVC Core Application on IIS & Apache.
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Basic knowledge of C# and Visual studio
Who are your target students?
Beginners who want to learn ASP NET MVC Core