VSTS Testing Q & A (Unit, Load, Automated)

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VSTS Testing Q & A (Unit, Load, Automated)

  • What is Unit Testing & can we see an example of the same(VSTS 2008)?
  • How can we write data driven test using NUNIT & VS Test(VSTS 2008)?
  • Can we see simple example of a unit test for database operation(VSTS 2008)?
  • How can we do automated testing using Visual Studio Test(VSTS 2008)?
  • How can we do Load Testing using VSTS test(VSTS 2008)?
  • Can you explain database unit testing(VSTS 2008)?
  • How can we do test coverage using VSTS system(VSTS 2008)?
  • How can we do manual Testing using VSTS 2008?
  • What is Ordered Test in VSTS test(VSTS 2008)?
  • How to generate test data using VSTS 2010?
  • What are different test in VSTS 2010 and how to write unit test in VSTS 2010?
  • How to do UI automation testing using VSTS 2010 coded UI test?
  • How to run coded UI test with dynamic data using VSTS 2010?
  • How can we do web testing on ASP.NET application using VSTS 2010?
  • How to use WaitCommands in Coded UI test?
  • How to do Load test & database test using VSTS 2010?
  • In what scenarios do we use ordered testing in VSTS 2010?
  • How to implement TDD(Test Driven Development) in C#?
  • What is Mock Testing?
  • How to test Private methods in VSTS test?
  • How can we do complex unit testing(Code contracts)?
  • Explain CodeLens?

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