Lab 1 - Understand Python in 60 minutes.

In this class we will learn Python step by step. This is the first lesson which is lab 1 and it covers the below topics.

Chapter 1:- Installing Python framework and Pycharm IDE.

Chapter 2:- Creating and Running your first Python project.

Chapter 3:- Python is case-sensitive

Chapter 4:- Variables, data types, inferrence & type()

Chapter 5:- Python is a dynamic language

Chapter 6:- Comments in python

Chapter 7:- Creating function, whitespaces & indentation

Chapter 8:- Importance of new line

Chapter 9:- List in python, Index, Range & Negative Indexing

Chapter 10:- For loops and IF conditions

Chapter 11:- PEP, PEP 8, Python enhancement proposal

Chapter 12:- ELSE and ELSE IF

Chapter 13:- Array vs Python

Chapter 14:- Reading text files in Python

Chapter 15:- Casting and Loss of Data

Chapter 16:- Referencing external libararies

Chapter 17:- Applying linear regression using sklearn

Chapter 18:- Creatiing classes and objects.

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