C# beginners & .NET Fundamentals Q & A (20 Hrs)

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About QuestPond: It started 15 years back with the one single goal of creating quality step-by-step IT programming-related lessons.

We saw many lessons online, either they are done too fast or too slow or are too complicated.

The main goal of QuestPond is to create Step by Step lessons on C#, ASP.NET, Design patterns, SQL, and so on. As years moved on I added other step-by-step lessons like Angular, SharePoint, MSBI, Azure and so on.

C# Questions and Answers videos

  1. What is IL code, CLR, CLS & JIT? - Part1 (9 Minutes)
  2. What is IL code, CLR, CLS & JIT? - Part2 (10 Minutes)
  3. Explain JIT,Pre-jit,Eco-Jit,Normal-Jit and NGEN.EXE?(19 Minutes)
  4. What is CAS, evidence, permission set & code groups? (9 Minutes)
  5. What are the changes in .NET 4.0 security model & What is sandboxing?(12 Minutes)
  6. Explain Assembly, EXE and DLL.
  7. Explain App Domain.
  8. What is the difference between managed & unmanaged code? (5 Minutes)
  9. What is Garbage Collector Gen 0, 1 & 2? (10 Minutes)
  10. What is IDisposable interface & finalize dispose pattern in GC? (9 Minutes)
  11. What is the difference between strong and weak references? (11 Minutes)
  12. What is delay signing? (9 Minutes)
  13. Can we see simple example of GAC & How to handle multiple versions in GAC(Binding redirect)? (16 Minutes)
  14. What are different .NET datatypes and its uses according to scenarios? (39 Minutes)
  15. Explain TypeSafe, Casting, Explicit casting and Implicit casting? (12 Minutes)
  16. Explain the sentence "C# strings are immutable"?(Also covers stringbuilder & interning) (22 Minutes)
  17. Explain Synch, Asynch, Delegates, Multicast Delegates and Events.
  18. How can we make Asynchronous method calls using delegates? (5 Minutes)
  19. What are anonymous methods in C#? (12 Minutes)
  20. Why anonymous types are preferred over Tuples? (25 Minutes)
  21. What is the use of Lambda Expression Action<>, Predicate<> & Func<>? (28 Minutes)
  22. What do you mean by Covariance & Contravariance in .NET 4.0? (11 Minutes)
  23. What is the use of checked and unchecked keyword? (7 Minutes)
  24. What is a stack, Heap, Value types and Reference types? (14 Minutes)
  25. What is boxing and unboxing? (10 Minutes)
  26. C# Out Vs Ref. (7 Minutes)
  27. What is optimistic and pessimistic locking? - Part1 (7 Minutes)
  28. Can you explain optimistic locking? - Part2 (12 Minutes)
  29. Can you explain pessimistic locking? - Part3 (15 Minutes)
  30. What are regular expressions & can we see some practical demonstrations? (16 Minutes)
  31. .NET 4.5 feature - Why do we need REGEX timeout? (8 Minutes)
  32. 5 tips to improve your C# debugging.(18 Minutes)
  33. Can you explain Named Parameters, Ref, Out, Volatile & Parsetry? (38 Minutes)
  34. What is the difference between Const & ReadOnly? (8 Minutes)
  35. Explain the difference between "IS" and "AS" keyword? (5 Minutes)
  36. What are Extension Methods? (11 Minutes)
  37. What is #Debug directive? (5 Minutes)
  38. What is the difference between Debug and Release? (8 Minutes)
  39. What is serialization and deserialization? (14 Minutes)
  40. What is the difference between TypeOf and GetType? (7 Minutes)
  41. What is IComparable and IComparer? (16 Minutes)
  42. What is the use of Yield Keyword in C#? (11 Minutes)
  43. What is a C# indexer? (7 Minutes)
  44. What is the difference between == vs .Equals()? (21 Minutes)
  45. When should we override GetHashCode? (27 Minutes)
  46. What are ??(Coalescing operators)? (4 Minutes)
  47. What is C# reflection? (11 Minutes)
  48. What is Dynamic keyword & How does it differ from Reflection? (9 Minutes)
  49. What is the difference between Early binding and Late binding? (4 Minutes)
  50. What is a difference between VAR and Dynamic keyword? (5 Minutes)
  51. What is the use of VAR keyword in C#? (15 Minutes)
  52. What are Circular Dependencies and How to resolve them? (10 Minutes)
  53. How can we mark a method as deprecated? (3 Minutes)
  54. What is the difference between Build VS Rebuild Vs Clean? (6 Minutes)
  55. Importance of bin folder & obj folder in C#.
  56. What is Naming Convention? (8 Minutes)
  57. What is Nuget? (6 Minutes)
  58. What are portable class libraries? (4 Minutes)
  59. What is Asynch and Await keywords? (6 Minutes)
  60. Explain Concurrency VS Parallelism? - (Part 1)
  61. Does Async use threads? - (Part 2)
  62. What are ENUM's and flags in ENUMS? (7 Minutes)
  63. How to convert string to ENUM? (5 Minutes)
  64. How to use MSMQ with C#? (16 Minutes)
  65. Explain NULLABLE Types? (4 Minutes)
  66. Explain C# Attributes? (16 Minutes)
  67. What is AutoMapper? (6 Minutes)
  68. What are DataAnnotations? (10 Minutes)
  69. C# Random numbers. (20 Minutes)
  70. What is .NET Core, DNX, DNU and DNVM? (46 Minutes)
  71. How to work with files and folders (System.IO)?
  72. Explain C# Exceptions ?
  73. Learn Redis Cache in 20 minutes.
  75. Preprocessor Directives/Symbols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will students learn in your course?
Complete C# Questions and Answers
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Basic knowledge of C# and Visual studio
Who are your target students?
This course is targeted to the beginners who learn C# Fundamentals which is essential and foundation of every programmer and also for the seniors who would like to re-visit basics.